The Chiricahua Desert Museum opened to the public on April 1, 2009.  To date, the Museum displays over 60 species of wildlife, including among the rarest and most endangered species native to the Chihuahuan Desert. 


Our art gallery showcases the works of many well-known and respected artists, including original paintings from the celebrated wildlife artist, Tell Hicks. Many of Tell's prints are available in our gift shop and online here.  The gallery also displays the largest collection of herpetological art in the world, representing a diverse array of media---sculpture, jewelry, pottery, and original oil, acrylic and sketched works. 


Our wildlife and botanical garden provides ample opportunity to intimately observe and photograph native wildlife in natural settings. The garden is open to everyone for a leisurely stroll, an afternoon of bird watching, or some quiet time among the desert's wild inhabitants.


We offer special tours and rates for groups and schools.


Please call (575) 557-5757 or 575-545-5307  for more information.

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