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The Chiricahua Desert Museum currently holds the largest collection of herpetological wildlife art in the world. From the fifteen-foot tall rattlesnake tail sculpture that overlooks the Desert Botanical Garden, designed by Tell Hicks and built by Charlie Painter and Mike Hill, to the eight-foot gila monster mosaic made by Tell Hicks that welcomes visitors, the Museum's art collection is truly unique. Much of the art work here was done by celebrated wildlife artist Tell Hicks. More than 60 of Tells's paintings hang in the gallery. In addition to his outdoor works, the museum serves as Tell Hick's only almost complete gallery of his work. Most of Tell's limited-run lithographic prints are available at the Museum gift store or online. 


In the gallery, other celebrated wildlife artists---including Don Wheeler, Marty Capron, Ben Greishaw, and Karen Bell and many others---display their works, many of which are original oil paintings.


To shop for available lithographic prints and other available works of art, please visit here.

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