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Charles F. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Smith’s research interests center on the evolution of mating systems, especially in the links between spatial ecology, behavior, morphology and physiology, and the fitness benefits and costs arising from each of these attributes at the population level.

His research combines field (e.g., radio-tracking, GIS analysis) and laboratory (e.g., endocrinological, histological, molecular) approaches to address hypotheses about the spatial ecology and reproductive physiology of crotaline snakes. He is using these data, along with phylogenetic information, to develop an integrated framework to study the ecology and evolution of mating systems and sexual selection in these and other snakes.

Current position and address:

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

Wofford College

Spartanburg, SC

Professional preparation:

The University of South Carolina B.S. 1993-1997

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow 1998-2007

The University of Connecticut Ph.D. 1998-2007


Research Scientist, The University of Connecticut, 2009-present

Adjunct Professor, The University of Connecticut, 2009-present

Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Connecticut 2007-2009

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