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As an undergraduate, Matt studied Prairie Rattlesnake defensive behavior for his honor’s degree in Biology. After graduating, he spent two years in Aruba studying the Aruba Island Rattlesnake. Matt taught high school biology in The Netherlands for several years before returning to the U.S., where he completed his M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Arizona. Matt has published over 40 papers and book chapters dealing with ecology and conservation of herpetofauna, primarily snakes. Currently, he is a Research Scientist in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona, where he maintains an active research program in the U.S. and internationally. Matt is a member of the IUCN Viper Specialist Group, and he serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Wildlife Management. He is also a founding board member and scientific advisor to the King Cobra Conservancy, an NGO dedicated to conservation of king cobras and the habitats on which they depend. Matt enjoys working with undergraduates and has established two student-led projects dealing with the effects of urbanization on snakes and lizards.

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