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Warren Booth, Ph.D.

Dr. Booth integrates molecular ecology, population genetics, evolutionary biology, and behavior in his program focusing on genetic variation and reproductive life-histories of vertebrates and invertebrates. His primary interests are centered on the evolutionary responses to habitat fragmentation and urbanization, and the evolution and significance of alternate reproductive life-histories (long-term sperm storage and parthenogenesis). He has over 13 years experience in the development and application of molecular markers to address a broad evolutionary hierarchy of questions ranging from the resolution of phylogenetic relationships within taxa, the determination of patterns of phylogeographic and population genetic structure within species, the elucidation of breeding systems, and the determination of genetic relatedness among individuals within populations.

Current position and address:

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Professional preparation:


Queen’s University, Belfast,UK Genetics B.Sc 1997 – 2000

Queen’s University, Belfast,UK Mol. Ecol. & Pop. Gen. Ph.D 2000 – 2005

North Down & Ards Institute, UK Biology, Mammal Phys. Lecturer 2003 – 2005

Queen’s University, Belfast,UK Mol. Ecol.. & Pop. Gen. Res. Assist 2005

North Carolina State University Mol. Ecol.. & Pop. Gen. Postdoc 2006 – 2010

North Carolina State University Mol. Ecol.. & Pop. Gen. Res. Assoc 2010 – 2012

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