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Wolfgang Wüster, Ph.D.    

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Wolfgang Wüster, Ph.D., is a herpetologist and senior lecturer in zoology at Bangor University, UK. Wüster attained his bachelor's degree at the University of Cambridge in 1985 and his doctorate at University of Aberdeen in 1990. His primary area of research is the systematics and ecology of venomous snakes. He has written almost 100 scientific papers on varying herpetological subjects and was the scientific editor for The Herpetological Journal (2002–2009), the scientific publication of the British Herpetological Society. He routinely does field research in locales the world over, and has worked with other renowned herpetologists such as Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry of the Australian Venom Research Unit and the late Dr. Joe Slowinski. His research has led to a major reorganization of elapid taxonomy.


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