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MISSION:The Chiricahua Desert Museum (CDM) Grant offers small renewable grants for field-based herpetological research and education in the Sonoran, Mojave and Chihuahuan Deserts as well as the Sky Islands and adjacent habitats of the North American South West. Grant applications are invited from relevant individuals, and will be reviewed by and considered for support by the Scientific Advisory Board of the CDM.


The areas that we are particularly keen to support are:


  • Natural History Proposals. In this category proposals should address new field research in areas such as population distribution, behavioral ecology, and life history of amphibians and/or reptiles.


  • Conservation Biology Proposals. In this category proposals should address new research on endangered or threatened amphibian or reptile species, or the phenomena that affect the maintenance, decline, and restoration of their natural habitat.


  • Education Proposals. In this category proposals should address initiating and/or maintaining an educational program pertaining to amphibians or reptiles at a facility available to the public, such as a zoological park, school, or community center.


Maximum annual grant request should not exceed $1000.00 US. Smaller value awards may be distributed to multiple projects. The total number of grants awarded will depend solely upon the balance of the dedicated grant fund in any given year. 

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