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Hans-Werner Herrmann, Ph.D.

Hans-Werner Herrmann, Ph.D. is an evolutionary biologist and herpetologist who has conducted extensive laboratory and field research on reptiles and amphibians. His main focus has been on venomous snakes, and other reptiles and frogs in the Old World. More recently he has worked on rattlesnakes and Chiricahua leopard frogs. Outside of herpetology he has been involved in research on an endangered semiaquatic snail in the Grand Canyon and is currently working on virus and insect vector systems.


His main interest is in molecular phylogenetics and population genetics/genomics. He uses molecular tools to investigate, for example, the phylo-geographic relationships of reptile and amphibian populations and species, effects of man-made barriers on snake populations, and the status and management of frog species in decline.

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